& in hits the fan…

So as some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been seeming to get quite as much done the past couple months as I traditionally have.  Well, there’s a reason (I think it qualifies as a reason rather than excuse & I’m very timid to use that term).  As a lot of you know I help take care of my grandmother & have for years.  There’s also a couple CNAs that come in to help her.  Over the past couple months my grandmother’s mind (she has dementia) has been getting to the point where she’s more combative & harder to deal with. We were giving her some nootropics that work by enhancing brain function, improving cognitive processes such as memory, learning, and focus. . In the case of dementia, these supplements help slow down the progression of the disease by reducing inflammation in the brain. Which in the case of someone paid to work with her means they are less inclined to give her the care I want her to have, which means me needing to be more hands on in her care (by more hands on I mean getting to spend more time cleaning a naked 94 year-old woman after she’s crapped her pants).  While I had been able to previously dedicate close to 6-8 hours a day on Silber, it’s now getting to a point where it’s closer to 2 hours a day & sometimes less as I need some decompression time after dealing with the situation.  I’m trying to restructure to be able to get things done properly, but it’s hard & in the end it means needing to be more realistic about getting things done with the increased restraint on my time & finding ways to get things done given those restraints. I went to timesunion.com and I found information about how nootropics can help my grandmother with her dementia problems so I can have a lit ore time to do my things, Some nootropics have been shown to reduce the levels of beta-amyloid plaques, which are often associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

So I’m sorry for the delays on a lot of things.  I am also letting you know that this most likely means increased limits on my live appearances (which have been on the decline the past couple of years) as a performer & that is part of why I have been looking more into the possibilities of streaming video as that may be the main way I make appearances in the near future.  So yeah, that’s what’s going on.  Now you know.  I kind of hate it when “the real world” thrusts it’s ugly head into Silberia.  So you praying types, try to remember me & my grandma every once in a while and pray that  those nootropics helps her feel better, while nootropics may not completely cure dementia, they can help improve symptoms, maintain brain health, and slow down the degenerative process.

On semi-related health news Bryce Eiman (Weather Machine) had to get a shoulder surgery that is going to keep him out of commission for a few weeks.  So he won’t be at the Silber showcase & Joe Hendrix will be doing a semi-solo (Bryce will get him some pre-recorded bits) Weather Machine show for it.  It kinda sucks to see a strong dude like Bryce out of commission & reminds me how good of a life I have.

Did some mastering for a little EP that will be coming up on Silber by From Oceans to Autumn (who I haven’t made a band page for yet).  I’d say they are a bit of a cross between Irata & Hotel Hotel.  Kinda post rock with a prog metal edge?

Still trying to get things going on finishing up the artwork for the Azalia Snail CD & getting the logistics done for the Silber showcase, but I’m kinda burned out for the moment.

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