Upbeat Day

Just did an on air interview with WHFR (Dearborn, MI) who ran a four hour Silber special tonight.  It’s a nice bit of flattery whenever these radio specials happen.  This one just fell together earlier today.

Assembled a bunch of CDs & put on a bunch of blurb stickers.

Got a lot of the new releases sent out to the distros.

Supposedly the digital shop is working now.

Went to a few label websites & am thinking of reworking the site a bit more.  I haven’t really seen anyone that has a website that does exactly what I want to base for cloning.  I like the idea of having the ability to order right on the front page & most sites want you to make three or four clicks to order (which I find alienating).  But I do think it might be good to have the site have a little less text on the front page.  & maybe a little more color.  Like some added gray.

Did a bunch of research into securing some more distribution & working directly with some more stores.  We’ll see if anything comes to fruition.

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