New Silber Front Page

Assembled about 500 CDs for Sarah June’s new album.  Maybe I’ll get the other half done tomorrow.

I reworked the Silber front page.  I took advantage of Twitter.  While I think the artist drop down menu is mildly ugly, I feel like it’s my best solution with the roster growing.  Let me know what you think of it when you get a chance.

Still trying to get the digital shop working properly.  I think the $40 I spent for the customer service set-up instead of me doing it has probably cost the place 10 hours of labor so far.  No wonder so many people tell horror stories about setting up digital shops.

Saw this weird tween oriented time travel show (at least based on tonight’s episode) called Being Erica.  Not sure if I would’ve watched it if I wasn’t working on mindless activities at the same time, but it was weird because it had all these Degrassi kids who might be thirty now still playing teenagers.

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