Successful Bands, Childhood Scares, Just A Man

Did a bunch of work on the website today.  I think I’m getting pretty happy with the front page.

Wrote the first draft of Just A Man #4.  Pretty stoked about it.  As I closed a loose end while only opening one new loose end & setting up the closure of two more loose ends.  Also set up a lot more of the dichotomy of the guy being a christian & a killer a bit more.  Also I think I’m going to do a little spin-off that is a prayer book with prayers like this:
“Dear Lord, Please let your hand guide mine to bring justice for the weak & death to the evil of this world.  Amen.”  You know, the kind of prayer book a good christian mercenary might have.

I’ve been thinking lately about the “secret” of successful local bands.  I think it’s only playing on nights/venues when there’s an automatic draw.  Playing on Monday nights makes the few people that do show up feel awkward & not have a good time & associate the band with not having a good time.  Also it puts out the vibe of has-beens or just unhip.  The problem of course for me is I only play shows on off nights because I only play shows when touring friends want me to & since this is a small market that does still have live shows seven nights a week, I end up playing on Monday-Wednesday.  I need to start having a different band name that I exclusively use for weekday gigs or something….

The latest episode of Gutter Trash talked about movies that scared you in childhood & I found it interesting, so I thought people might find this biographical information interesting.  My scary movies from childhood were:
Salem’s Lot – I saw this when it aired when I was 4.  That kid scratching on the glass still freaks me out.  Strangely I remember a scene that seems to not be in it when I re-saw it 15 years ago.  The scene was nails coming up out of a cargo crate with the vampire’s coffin inside.  Also it seems like the crate was in a dumpster so it totally might’ve been a dream inspired by the movie.  I wrapped my neck in a blanket before I went to sleep for a couple years & when asked why I said, “My neck is always cold.”

Dawn of the Dead – I thought this was a documentary because of the way it’s shot & that I was 7.  Still incredible & has probably influenced everything creative I have ever worked on.

Children of the Corn – I saw this when I was 9.  That kid cutting the pentagram on his chest & saying, “It’s my birthday” probably led to me being a cutter when I was a teenager.  Also it gave me mixed feelings of whether evil was cool or not cool.

The Fly – I was 11 when this came out?  I could’ve sworn I was 9.  The whole thing that freaked me out was I felt like Jeff Goldblum was smart in a similar way to me (of course these days they call that Asperger’s Syndrome) so I could relate to him.

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