Two Months

Somehow I haven’t bothered to write up a blog entry for a couple months.  It’s not because nothing has been happening, it’s because I’ve been busy & exhausted.  My daughter was born on October 4 & while the amount of time it’s taking I did anticipate, the amount of emotional energy I didn’t really anticipate.  So the time I have left to work doesn’t translate well because I need to decompress before I can concentrate enough to get Silbering done.  Still, there’ve been three new music releases on Silber in the past couple months & three new mini-comics (still need to print & assemble the physicals & add them to the website) & so that feels positive & I think I am getting to the point where I’ll be able to get the work out more regularly & that’s good because there’s a ton coming up.  Some new Christmas EPs, a new QRD, a half dozen new musical releases, the Small Life Form/Bride of Silber Christmas show, & some new comics.  Watch out & probably start following us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with things since the blog seems to be neglected.

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