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Hey Kidz,

Hope all is going well with the stress of the Christmas season.  We’re always trying to get a ton of stuff done, but of course we’re always running behind getting the word out, so here’s what’s up with us lately!

Luka Fisher
A few weeks ago we put out a new 5 songs in 5 minute EP from Luka Fisher of experimental, ambient, & primitive dance music.  Free to stream or $1 to support the music.

In other 5in5 news, the Drekka EP got reviewed in the magazine Rockerilla, which feels like a big deal to me & makes me want to really try to do some stuff to push the series a little harder.  So I’m thinking about doing a Kickstarter to get subscribers for the series so I can get the artists a budget for recording & get Silber a budget for advertising.  I’ve also got a few new folks interested in taking part in the 5in5 series like Anda Volley, Cloaca, & Bronze Eye.  So I’m feeling good.

Christmas EP
Of course it is Christmas & so this year instead of a compilation we went with the EP series again (I really think I prefer this format, compilations with hard deadlines are stressful to put together).  This time out we have EPs from Yellow6, Electric Bird Noise, Remora, Small Life Form, Baptizer, fornever, & Exercitus Dei.  All are pretty experimental & a lot have drone-iness, though this year no one did any takes on classic Christmas songs (for better or worse).  You can listen to them all on the Silber site as well as checking out our offerings from Christmases past here.

New Mini Comics
Last month we put out three new mini comics.  An auto-bio called HG about a difficult pregnancy, the second installment of sci-fi book Seabase 17, & a re-issue of Zombie Kisses #4.  You can get them all as a download bundle $1 or physicals mailed to you for $5.

In more comic news I was a featured guest on the web show Comic Culture.

I made a stop motion video for an Irata song.  I think I spent a week making it, but it was fun & I’m pretty pleased with the results.

If you are traveling this season, I have been doing my best to keep the Spotify playlist of the most recent Silber releases updated.

That’s it for now, but coming soon are a new QRD, musical debuts from Space Sweeper & Treyverb, new albums from Heaven Falls Hard & Lum, more comics, more 5in5 EPS, & other goodies.

Thanks for all your interest & support, it means a lot to us & helps us know we are doing work that is worthwhile.  Spread the word about us if you can.

Brian John Mitchell

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