The World Didn’t End & Things Are Good

Today is September 13.  It’s also the Jewish holiday of Rosh-Hashanah.  Back in 1988 I was in the 8th grade & September 13 was predicted to be the end of the world.  People forget about it now I’m sure, but back then the guy who made the prediction & wrote a book about it was getting interviewed on Good Morning America & they were talking about it on the local news & all that.  I assume some of the local churches in my town were preaching about it too because a lot of kids in my class were scared about it.  My english teacher even made some statement about needing to do our homework, but not needing to turn it in if the world ended.  While I grew up with a constant hope/dread of nuclear war or zombies to bring about the post-apocalyptic culture I knew I could thrive in, I wasn’t sure what to hope for in a religious armageddon. I mean, I already knew that I wasn’t living the type of life where God would tell me, “Well done my good & faithful servant,” & I wasn’t sure what kind of post-apocalyptic world would be left.  It seemed like it might be significantly darker than Dawn of the Dead or Battletruck or the third part of Robotech & not possible for a 13 year old to survive no matter how metal & punk he might be.  Of course, in the end nothing happened & I kept listening to Metallica & Christian Death.

So today is a good day to me & it’s been a good week.
(1) I’ve been getting work done on a pretty epic video for Irata’s new album & I’m hopeful with it coming out on a bigger label (Retro Futurist) that maybe something I’m working on will get a little more exposure than normal.
(2) In my alerts about where people are talking about Silber on the internet, I got two new mentions of QRD interviews used as citations for Wikipedia (for John Ostrander & Devo 2.0).  It makes me feel a little more appreciated than I normally do.  Which is nice.
(3) This past week I sent out my new batch of mini-comics & solicited to reviewers & for the first time in a while, people actually responded wanting me to send them review copies.  Once again, the appreciation of work thing.
(4) When going through some old memo pads I found a half dozen comic scripts that I mis-placed that I got typed up.  Two of them went out to artists.  Two of them I’m supposed to draw.  Two of them are for series that are waiting for another issue to come in first.
(5) The new Yellow6 & Remora came out this week & I sent out the newsletter & all that.  Once again, people seem to actually care this time out.   Which makes me feel great.
(6) Celebrating my good mood, I put some new sales up on the Silber site, including downloading the ten latest releases for $20.

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