Car Inspection & Dreams

Took my car to get inspected & it failed because of some kind of coding error inside of the onboard computer.  I really kinda hate modern cars.  I don’t know. Supposedly I can appeal to the DMV that my car doesn’t have anything wrong with it to get it to pass inspection.  Maybe I should move to South Carolina so I don’t need to worry about car inspections anymore….

I’m hoping to have something come along to kick me into a better mood.

Here’s a recent video from Thorn1:

Recent Dreams:
The family reunion is at a convention center hotel.  But the hotel is nice even by Vegas standards.  It feels more like a deluxe boarding school in a Hollywood movie complete with antiques in every room & mahogany paneling in the hallways.  My sister did the booking & it ran late so rather than being in our family reunion block we’re part of a cosplay block.  I am not even sure what it is I’m dressed as, maybe a Jack of Hearts form Alice in Wonderland?  I have a red wooden apple tied to my wrist with a piece of red satin ribbon.  Because it’s a family reunion with my family, it means drinking starts when you wake up.  Right now it’s about ten in the morning & I’m sipping a liquor drink that tastes like a mix of equal parts orange juice, apple juice, & vodka in the hotel lobby.  A girl who might be dressed as one of the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon (but definitely as one of the infinite number of anime school uniform heroines) grabs the drink out of my hand & shoots it.  So I have to go back to my room to make another drink.  Navigating the path to my room is pretty distracting with all these cosplay kids & I notice a pack of kids dressed for Robotech & another pack as Frankenstein Monsters & even a Galaxy Ranger set & think how the hell did I get stuck in the gay ass outfit I’m wearing?  I make it to my room & make two drinks in case somebody swipes one again.  On the way back to the lobby I hear a girl’s scream, it startles me enough that it makes me drop one of my drinks & immediately makes me sober.  I can’t quite place the voice, but I recognize the scream.  I run to the stairwell careful not to spill my remaining drink.  There’s a thousand doorways in the stairwell & I’m not sure where to go.  The girl that stole my drink shows up & shoots the wall next to me with some kind of laser that cuts out the wall & inserts a new door.  I open it & see a man holding a woman & sinking through the floor using some kind of matter phasing technology.  I don’t recognize the girl.  I rush & grab the man before he has completely passed through the floor & he lets go of the girl & he becomes solid, fused into the floor.

I’m in a theater watching an art film starring Tilda Swinton.  The cinematography is pretty incredible & any given frame could be a painting, but the intensity of the colors makes my eyes hurt.  There’s a scene where she appears totally naked & she looks like a child rather than grown woman & there is something more disturbing about it than titillating.

I moved in with my grandmother in 1998 (something that didn’t actually happen) & am still living there with her.  Her niece (my second cousin) was friends with Obama who came to visit & I walked with him down to the library.  He was really excited because he was going to do some voice over stuff for a John Carter of Mars animated movie (though when he described the scene I’m pretty sure it was from Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon instead of John Carter because I don’t really remember anything with jet packs in that series of books).  I checked out a new novel by Barbara Kingslover (which seemed like an odd pick for my book choices) & had a $52 late fee I had to pay.  Obama tried to check out some book, but the wouldn’t let him because he wasn’t a Lehigh county resident.

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