today & tomorrow

So I got in my new little amp & it is smaller & less loud than I anticipated.  It has 4 speakers & they’re only about 3 inches each!  It’s a Roland so the sound quality is pretty good & the distortion is better than I’m used to from the JC-120.  But it’s not designed to be able to be daisy chained (headphone jack that turns off the speaker), but I’ll see if I can daisy chain in with my lunchbox Quantum.  It would be a cute little set-up if I can get it to sound good.  The JC just takes up a lot of space in my car for touring.

I finally finished drawing issue #7 of Lost Kisses.  So now I’m working on issues #8, #9, & #10.

Working on scheduling a tour for Remora.  Originally it looked like I was going to do about 30 days, but I realize with my life situation I can’t spend that much time out of the house.  So I’m going to split it into a 7 day leg & a 10 day leg & cut the other two weeks.  A little lame & not what I should do for my “career,” but sometimes life comes first.

Tomorrow is going to be a recording session for Small Life Form versus slicnaton.  Should be pretty great.

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