easily exhausted

The Small Life Form versus slicnaton session went pretty great, but it was a bit exhausting working on improvisational feedback based music for 6 hours.  We made some video footage as well, so we’ll see what the final results are like over the next month.

So I’ve noticed a lot of larger bands on MySpace now have their whole catalogs up on their players with Amazon.com links.  Does anyone know how to set that up for folks like us Silberians?

I’m about half finished with Lost Kisses #8.  It’s good to get stuff done some times.

Official street date for Remora’s Derivative (on Gears of Sand) has been set for February 15.  I’ll let you know when I get some in stock to sell.

I’ve been thinking about stopping putting the full versions of the comics up for free to increase sales of the physical units.  But then again the web comic Last Blood was a free dealie & made their money in the end selling a film option after gaining some popularity.  What do you guys think?

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