Life is slowing me down

I had a series of fairly freaky dreams last night that managed to pre-occupy my mind enough I couldn’t really motivate myself to work on anything.  (a) One was about being on tour with my brother & my mother in an SUV & running out of gas in the mountains late at night.  (b) One was about swimming with Natalie Wood in a river & a cave & trying to figure out if I could make out with her without drowning.  (c) One was about getting my mind wiped completely clean in some kind of hospital or college that was the convenience store to a gas station on the outside & definitely took place in a small town in the wooded rural area between Portland & Tacoma.  If I were to guess what these things mean I would guess that (a) my brother, mother, & myself all have a lot going on in our lives & we’re running out of the energy to keep from having a nervous breakdown, (b) I probably recently saw an ad for a Natalie Wood movie & I spliced it with “Jewels of Gwahlur” which I recently read (Conan gets trapped in a river in a cave), (c) I have a plot development for the Worms storyline before the current issue is finished being drawn instead of a year later.

I did get some orders filled today & I got my first check from Squidco (whom I relatively recently started working with) & I bought a ticket to see Jandek (thanks for the tip Pete).

Yesterday I bought 100 two-inch by three-inch canvases & a jar of cancer causing copper paint at the art store.

Also yesterday was the big interview for the local weekly.  I think it went well.  Of course I’m kinda scared a bit.  But I suppose I always am scared of stories that I know aren’t going to be straight Q&A.  I hate it when people say do the shit where they make it seem like I was talking/bragging about something when I was simply answering their question & even worse is when they have really long sentences where they say “He thought & gave the post-rock answer of ‘No.’”  But we’ll see what happens, I got a pretty good vibe from the whole thing & it made me feel like I should pay more attention to my local scene than I do.

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