So I don’t really pay attention to iTunes & when they make my music available, though I admit I was pleased when they announced they would attempt to respect release dates from indies.  But today I got an email them that their was some kind of a problem & the Vlor album which I sent them almost three months ago (6 weeks before release date) & it hasn’t been added yet.  I don’t think the Aarktica is up yet either (sent at the same time).  Craptastic.  I really hope my digital download shop works out because that’s not cool.

Speaking of iTunes, I found there were two reviews of Remora’s Reversion & I think the two of them work really well together to give an accurate portrait of what people think of Remora:

Good Music to Get Lost In.
by Depths
This entire cd is worth one continuous listen. It’s not meant to be broken up into individual songs because then you dont have a full chance to get lost and venture to the different worlds this can conjure. Buy and enjoy!

You guys should disband or kill yourselves.
by pancakeonmyface
You are the worst band I have heard in History. You should all take a shotgun and kill yourselves or move to the boonies where no one can ever hear you again. I hope you guys burn in Hell. Have a Nice Day.

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