Thorn1, Macedonia, QRD, etc.

I knew I wasn’t updating the blog as much as I used to, but I hadn’t realized I had skipped a couple weeks while busily working on Silber things.

First off is some QRD news.  There’s a new issue of guitarist interviews.  I also launched a thing to make QRD come out more regularly via this Kickstarter like site called Patreon.  The way Patreon works is you basically pledge a dollar per release (instead of $20 for the next twenty releases as a big ask) & how often I put out QRD depends on how many backers I get.  Anywhere from every three months to every two weeks.  I really don’t know if all this fan funding stuff is the future or just a last ditch effort before fundamental changes in how art works, but I kinda feel like I need to make the attempt just so I can stop hearing people tell me to try it.

The new Thorn1 record is out.  You can read about it or buy it over here.  As an experiment I have been asking people to listen to it &share it on Spotify to see if I can actually get any significant earnings for the band going this route.  Like everyone else I’ve read the stories about bands getting some money from getting fans to play their albums on loop & I’m hopeful if doubtful about the possibility.

The compilation we put out in conjunction with Post Global Recordings of ambient music from Macedonia is also available.  It’s called Across the Mountains.  I’m really happy to get this music out to people that never would here it otherwise, which I suppose is why Silber releases anything at all.

So I ran through the promo machine with the new releases & posted about them on Facebook & all that.  I’m torn about thinking whether anything I’m doing works for getting the word out any more.  Trying to keep some records to spend my time more appropriatelyon upcoming releases.  I gotta go ahead & start getting some of the next set of releases ready to go to keep from being backed up.

On the comic front, I think I might have finally cracked through the writer’s block I’ve been having for over a year now.  I’m pretty happy about that.  More news as comics actually come out.

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