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So I designed this “keep calm and drone on” shirt for over on Society6.  I posted about it a few places to see if I could generate a couple sales.  It’s interesting how forums work sometimes with people ganging up taking sides on a thing saying it sucks or is cool.  I also made this “noisy not nerdy” one.  I guess I just have to wait & see if these can beat the five or six sales I’ve had of my Yoko Ono shirt on there.

After much back & forth, the Macedonian compilation is complete.  I still need to make the webpage for it & all that, but I’m pretty happy with it being done & seeing what happens with it.  I’m going to tie its release in with the new Thorn1 (press release to write & layout) & the new QRD (one interview to proof, plus layout to do).

Things are looking & feeling positive today.

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