Scheduling & Working

So last month I started my experiment of asking folks to stream Silber stuff on Spotify & see if it caused a boost.  Well, it ends up it takes three months before I get numbers back to see if anything happened (current report is for June earnings).  So we’ll see if I still remember in a few months time.  Meanwhile I am finally really making the effort to get some of the Silber past releases that have never been put up for digital distribution up.  That includes all of the 5 in 5 series (some of the tracks of which can’t go up, they don’t want to accept songs under 30 seconds) & about ten others.  I’m hoping to get that finished this week on all the ones that I can.

I’m also working on getting ready to release some digital re-issues from Silber artists.  So some out of print stuff coming back from If Thousands, Rllrbll, & Electric Bird Noise.  In addition I’ve decided to nix doing the Kickstarter to help out the 5in5 series & just start putting the things out to keep from getting my heart broken.

The other day I wrote scripts for four comics in a single day.  Which maybe doubles the number of comic scripts I’ve written in 2014.  It’s nice to be back to being able to write some stuff.  I’ve had some writer’s block for the past year or so & hopefully I’m done with it.

I’m also getting ready to start sending out the interviews for massive series of stuff for QRD.  The Patreon on the one hand seems to have been a complete bust (zero backers), but I still want to do the interviews & maybe doing them will help generate some more interest in QRD that does eventually lead to some backers.

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