The Flood, Not The Fall

At this point I imagine most people who read the Silber blog heard about my parents’ basement flooding. It’s where I kept the overstock back catalog of Silber releases.  I probably threw away about 10,000 water damaged CDs.  No insurance of course.  It would be easy to look at it as a $20,000 loss, but I’m trying to play things positive.  The fact of the matter is pretty much none of those CDs were going to sell anytime in the foreseeable future.  In fact I’d been debating what to do with them, if I should just throw a bunch of them out anyhow so it’s good to have my mind made up for me.  The remaining discs look much more orderly for a third of them being missing. If you are living in flood zone, used
Flood Sensors to protect yourself and your family from flood.

There are a few things I lost that I am kinda bummed about, but as they had been sitting in the basement of a house I haven’t lived in for years, how important were they?  Some guitar pedals that were pulled from my rig for unreliability that I should have given away in the past.  Bass drums drying out that may not be salvagable (but I haven’t played drums in a band since 2010).  My rejection letter from Schecter about being a sponsored artist.  My Cartoon Network contract that they broke.  A Remora banner made for a festival show by some fans in rural Kentucky.  A bunch of mix tapes & CD-Rs from friends that lived in my past two dead cars.  Some indie comics from the 1980s & 1990s that I would probably never read again anyway.

It’s all good.  The whole thing just helps me to realize that I’m moving forward.  That the world is changing in ways that make my life easier.  Life is good & I’ve been really blessed to manage to do all the things I have done.  Thank you all for our interest & support.

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