Still Moving Forward

Just wanted to do a quick little blog to let some of the curious know what is going on with some release date stuff.  The flood through off my life schedule a bit & consequently there are new releases from Azalia Snail, Dyr Faser, & Electric Bird Noise available on Bandcamp, Spotify, & pretty much everywhere else; but not yet on the main Silber site.  I had work on two of my day jobs today & work on two of my other day jobs tomorrow & then going out of town for a Silberian baby shower for the weekend.  So I’m not sure if I’ll be able to squeeze in the time to get them up on the Silber site tomorrow or not (my one job has downtime, but I’ve been trying to dedicate that downtime to working on comics), but sometime next week at the latest & then the newsletter comes out & I start the promotional campaigns for these releases.  Then finish up a batch of comics, maybe put out a new issue of QRD, then another batch of releases.  It’s all happening.

If you want to check out the latest release on Spotify, you can do so here –

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