Good Quarters & Other Things

So I’m working on the Silber Paperwork for the end of the quarter & somehow this has been the best one in a couple years.  There’s a perfect storm of reasons (a couple distro checks that only come once a year, starting to accept weird ads on the site, plus orders & people actually using the Silber Spotify playlists, a couple hundred dollars in button orders), but it’s awesome & I’d like to thank everyone who has helped to spread the word or even just cared about the work I do over here.

There’s some shenanigans going on in life that may slow down production here at Silber again in the near future, but I’m going to do my best to continue getting some work out.  Chip away at things that need to be done at least a little every single day.  I have a comic half done that I’m writing drawing & art in from two that I need to lay out.  Sixteen music releases waiting for me to get ready to promote & distribute.  A couple records I’m working on.  A lot going on.  But it’s going to happen.  Life is good.

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