Colored Suns, Hackers, Wikipedia, & QRD

I got some more colored sun images made up over on Tumblr.  I’m realizing now I have made quite a lot of these things & I need to figure out what I want to do with them.  I have a few ideas for trying to make screensaver collections or prints or something to sell for a dollar.  Not sure yet.

So I was going over some web stats stuff & apparently there was some kind of weird cyber attack on the blog on December 16.  Over 1000 failed login attempts all on the same day.  Kind of interesting.  I don’t have any idea what that is about, but I guess I should feel honored in a way to have been recognized enough for people to want to hack in to my account.  Also interesting to me is two of the big referrers to the site for the month were spam websites that auto-generate content from random blogs (so if you use images in a post, you get pings when someone views an entry on their site).  Once again, I guess that’s flattering?

Does anyone know how to make Wikipedia entries?  I don’t have one for Silber or QRD & I’m actually getting a decent amount of traffic from it.  I can come up with the text or whatever for you to paste in.  Just need someone to make the entry & link it to the thirty pages or so that talk about Silber & QRD.

Working on getting things in gear for the next QRD & the QRD guitarists compilation & ebook.  Jumping in to things a bit.  We’ll see how it goes.

I’ll have a big post soon about what were the most popular things on the Silber website in 2013.  See you soon.

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