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3 Responses to Sarah June, Optical Feedback, Rollerball, Remora, Worms

  1. goddakkattack says:

    we had our next rekkid mastered for under 500 and it was way better than if james did it and overall better than it sounded without mastering by a long shot the plumerai one that is not the goddakk

  2. I think I’ve gotten about six or seven records mastered at the $300 price point & while they are better than if nothing had been done at all, I’m not convinced they’re better than since I started mastering stuff myself a few years ago.

    I assumed you’d run your own mastering on the new Goddakk, get me the files in an uncompressed format & I’ll put a little Silber polish on it….

  3. goddakkattack says:

    uhave to research places without price being the criteria most places are willing to cut a reasonable deal

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