Music, Candy, Stories, & Dreams

So the recordings with PD Wilder went okay.  I think we did six or seven pieces & the first couple were uneven & the last one I wrote a pop song that PD will add parts too later, but it went pretty well for what I think might be the first time we were actually working on music together.  There was a piece that ended up pretty interesting where both of us were playing just one chord the whole time with the rhythm & strength of the strumming creating the variation.  Who knows what will happen to the recordings, but it was fun.

I did some work for QRD for the candy reviews editing the videos & typing in the reviews.  I’m going to be getting the new issue together fairly soon hopefully.

So I did type up the short story in my notebook.  It’s inspired by the Hefner song “Hymn for the Postal Service”.  It’s kinda crazy to me that I’m at a point where I feel like 200 words is a long story.

She mailed me her passport.  No note or explanation, just the passport.  I don’t know what it’s supposed to mean.  If she’s never coming back or if she wants me to personally come & get her & bring her back home.  I’m not sure which would be easier to deal with.  I love her, but I know she’ll destroy me if I let her in my life again.  Not maliciously or intentionally, just by her nature.  A beautiful, strong, passionate woman; but, no matter how much I give her, it’ll never quite be all that she needs.  I wish I could really help her, really save her; but I’m more of a wounded animal than a knight in shining armor.  Without her I feel useless, like a lump of clay without a potter.  I’m too stupid & too weak to make a decision.  I just throw the passport away.  If there’s a choice & a future to be made with us, she’ll need to make it on her own.

Recent Dreams:
Tom Hanks is trying to salvage a relationship with Sigourney Weaver who has converted an ambulance into a mobile animal hospital.  He comes into the ambulance during a surgery & says, “I know you can’t just ignore me & throw me away underneath God in this ambulance in front of this little girl & her dog.”  She says, “Just shut up & hand me the forceps.”

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One Response to Music, Candy, Stories, & Dreams

  1. Peter says:

    What a story! When you patronize a good Mexican restaurant you really go all in. 20% tip is customary, don’t feel obligated to start a new life with the waitress.