A Good Day

I’m pretty happy with my day today.

First off I got recorded, mixed, & mastered the Remora song for a comp.  I’m not going to leak the version for the comp, but here’s the demo:


Then I wrote a first draft for the next issue of REH that I am pretty happy with.  I am planning for it to be an issue where the narrative portion has little to do with the images which I always like as a trick.

A couple new entries today in Nostalgia Equals Distortion.  One I did about the first Hefner album & one from Martin about his first album from burMonter.

I had another Butterfly Corpse practice.  I recorded some of it & will probably post a little of it tomorrow.  I think it’s starting to gel.  Strangely I think Darin is getting a little less satisfied in that he said something to the effect of, “We aren’t doing anything we could actually play again.”  Which I don’t think is true, but it is a little bit jammy & I did have the exact same complaint about the band practices with The Pointless Forest not feeling like they were going anywhere.  But I think with the recordings from this time it will give us two or three starting points that can recreate things pretty intentionally.  Or maybe we’ll started doing a jam & then playing that jam again a few times & have notes on them to play them just like I do for the Remora song catalog.

I got some research done on more bloggers to contact.  I also found a bunch of places that had posted about individual songs from the Remora album & not mentioned the album title so they slipped by Google Alerts.  Kinda interesting to see that happening.

I also scored a couple of bottles to use for mead making.  So I should get some brewing set up tomorrow.

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