Work & Dreams

Trying to work on somethings on my old graphic design computer because it has Word & Excel on it while looking up the information on this netbook web-use-only loaner from my sister.  It works okay for putting in stuff about the radio stations contacting me back or whatever, but it leaves a lot to be desired as far as copying & pasting emails for contacting a few hundred people which is something I need to do.  Hoping to get my machine back tomorrow.  In the meantime I did order a new refurbished laptop.  So either way in the next week or so I should get some things back on track.

Got an email from Martin Newman (Plumerai/Goddakk) that he’s going to try to do a music video for the song “Future of Man” from the new Remora disc.  He’ll probably get it done before I get my video done for “My Brother’s Guns & Knives.”

Recent Dreams:
I’m on tour with my son & we’ve both been drinking too much to drive, so as the dad I’m driving because that’s how things work. We make it to our place to sleep for the night & the place is littered with people sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags. In the morning I wake up at 7:05 so that I’ll be able to get things ready for us to go. My shoes have been stolen during the night & the only ones I can find in the house that fit are these white ones with blue stripes on the side. I go out to the car & all the equipment we took out to get to our luggage is outside of the car just sitting there, we must’ve forgotten to put it back in. I reload the car & go look for Andrew amongst the sleeping bodies in the house. I wake him up & tell him it’s time to go or we’ll miss the show tonight. He’s ridiculously hungover & I have to carry him to the car & have him sit with a plastic bag in his lap in case he throws up. As I’m driving & Andrew is semi-conscious he keeps muttering the word “transactive.” I don’t even know what the word means.

I’m in the airport having just got back from a euro-tour with Something About Vampires And Sluts.  We’re looking around trying to figure out where Michael is & then we here him screaming.  We see him through the frosted glass of the TSA office & he’s naked & being held down by two agents & raped by a third.  WTF?

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