prepping & demoing & compaigning.

Got a bunch of orders filled today, more to do tomorrow.

Still trying to get everything ready for the next promo batch.  It always takes longer than I anticipate.

I found out today that the post office got some new customs forms that make international orders take me twice as long to get ready.  This sucks when I have to send out thirty international promos.

I tried to write a song for Remora’s americana album (tentatively titled “Downlander”).  I might post a video of it.  The song is called “Let’s Fall in Love” & is strangely apathetic.  It feels like a B-side (okay, D-side) from the Swans’ Burning World album or maybe z-grade Leonard Cohen.  Which is pretty much always the case when I play acoustic guitar.

I got an email from Dave Sim saying he wasn’t sure if he’d have time in his schedule to draw Ultimate Lost Kisses #11.  So I’m debating who else I could work with.  We’ll see if anyone else is wanting to do it or if it will go back to stick figures.  It’s gotten a pretty mixed review that some people miss the stick figures & other people are happy to see Dave Sim doing a new narrative comic.  So I’m trying to come up with people who might fit the bill in the same way.  Or maybe I should just go totally nuts & ask Steve Ditko to do it.

I posted a link in my status about how Spotify ended up paying $133 dollars for a million plays.  Some guy commented on it that who cares, he was proud to pirate music.  Wow, that is lame.  Back when I used to copy tapes in high school I felt kinda bad about it.  I’ve never gotten into downloading (but if anyone has live recordings of Willie Nelson where it’s just him & his guitar from the Great Divide tour, I’d be interested in hearing that), but isn’t it supposed to be something you’re embarrassed by & ashamed of?  I guess people take pride in a lot of weird stuff these days.  But when I hear it I wonder if people realize they are going to extinguish the artist class.  Because while money may not be necessary to create good music, it is necessary to get it heard.

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