Had fun at the horror convention.  Not too many sales as people seemed more interested in witty t-shirts & celebrity signatures than anything else.  At least I didn’t have to pay a couple hundred dollars for a table & I did set up some potential upcoming interviews for QRD.

One interesting thing was the amount of trademark infringing things for sale.  People were selling bootleg Evil Dead shirts with Bruce Campbell in the next room.  There were a lot of kinda cool double trademark infringing shirts (like an Evel Knievel/Boba Fett shirt) & it makes me wonder if infringing two trademarks is a derivative work or not.  I haven’t quite figured out how I feel about it as of yet.  It seems like everything new blatantly rips off the old & I’m not sure if it’s me being older & catching more references or if it’s a cultural change.  Maybe Google is right & the future of art can’t happen as long as copyright & trademarks exist.

I was talking to the bass player for The Independents & given he is a punk rocker & all that, but neither he nor his wife had ever heard of Pitchfork.  It’s kind of interesting how on the one hand they seem like a super powerful site & on the other hand they ignore some genres to an extent most people haven’t heard of them.  Kind of interesting.

I did an interview for a comic book website today & I need to get scanned in a comic I did for Mini-Comic Day this past Sunday.

Last Night’s Dream:
Bruce Springsteen is on the same bill as me at a coffee house & has me emcee, explaining why he’s relevant.  Before he starts to play he’s asking people to put money in the tip jar even though he’s getting a huge cut of beverage sales instead of being paid with tips only.

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  1. Peter says:

    I used to read record guides and magazine record reviews a lot, but must have stopped before Pitchfork got big. Strangely enough, I only use Pitchfork reviews because they are built in to Spotify as a music discovery type service. The more you know!