Last Night’s Dream:
I’m acting in a movie about a small town reporter who breaks a big story, so she gets called up to New York to work for a real paper.  I’m playing the local love interest.  We’re at a funeral & her car is packed to leave right afterwards & we’re talking in her car & she gives me a piece of gum from a pack I’d given here earlier & we’re saying all these lines/lies about how we’re going to be able to stay together.  Right after she drives off I see her mother standing in front of a moving car with her arms outstretched like she’s on a cross.  The car comes to a stop right in front of her & she launches herself at the windshield cracking it & then slides down the hood unconscious.  The car backs up a little & then drives over top of her with the front wheels missing her, but one of the back wheels going over her.  I walk over to her & she says, “Now my baby has to come back.”  I tell her, “No, she’s never going to come back & you’re never going to tell her what a crazy person you actually are.”

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