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I don’t update the blog like I used to.  Maybe one day I’ll get back to it, but I just realized I hadn’t really talked about the Kickstarter I have running that ends in a couple days.  It was kind of a last minute thing, to do a Kickstarter for an ebook collecting the 100 interviews I’ve done with musician/cartoonist/artistic dads in time for Father’s Day.  It did meet my ultra low funding goal where I make around $3 an hour for the time it takes me to make it, but way under my personal goal of 100 backers.  That 100 number is what I set for myself as the point where I’d look into making a physical edition.  At this point I’d say it seems pretty unlikely to hit that, but maybe there will be a long tail & it will make sense down the line.  My hope is that after I get it up on Amazon & such it will be something to generate $10 a month for the next ten years & if I just right 99 other books with that degree of success I’ll be doing okay.

I made a Spotify playlist that is always going to feature the ten newest Silber releases.  Listen to it at work & earn the artists a few pennies.

Anyway, a lot of other stuff going on.  New releases are out & getting a little attention from M is We, The Infant Cycle, & What Does The Scanner See.  Remix EPs coming from M is We & Philip Polk Palmer.  New releases coming soon from Philip Polk Palmer, Chvad SB, Kirchenkampf, Remora, Space Sweeper, & more.  Two new experimental comps we’re putting together for this fall.  A bunch of comics out with artists.  Everything looks like it’s going well except the finances!

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