Foreign Futures

I just sent out 90 solicits for interviews for the next issue of QRD.  Even though both the Fathers & Guitarists ebooks have so far been financial failures in the time to money ratio, both have seemed to have some positive personal impacts on individuals & sometimes I forget that is what everything I do is about.  Positive impacts & making people feel less uniquely alone.

Finished posting stuff on Facebook groups about the new releases & about to finish contacting the press folks I only have web contacts for.  So that means it’s time to do some new releases & start all over again.  Lately it seems like I’m getting more reviews of year old releases than the new ones, but I’m pretending it’s because Silber is so cutting edge the world won’t be ready for us for another year.

Also worth noting I have the finished a big project blues & I’m trying to push on & get work done instead of wallowing in depression for a month.  We’ll see who wins.

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