SPACE, Website, & Dreams

Talked some with Bob Corby today about doing the digital anthology for SPACE again next year.  Turns out the indie digital comic company that was associated with it last year that were kind of a pain to work with have gone out of business.  I’m thinking of starting my own digital comic distro thing since I already have the technology to do digital sales.  I guess I’d need to figure out what would be a fair way to do it as far as me making money & the comic folks making money.  We’ll see if I’m still thinking about it in a couple months time.

Did some more work on the website.  Made some smaller versions of the images in the banner so it theoretically loads a little faster.  But for some reason it seems like it some times has the low-res text show up for a split second that I wouldn’t anticipate.  Thinking about taking out the low-res text….

Last Night’s Dreams:
Staring at cactus seedlings at night in shadows.  There’s an underlying vibe that a monster is in the room.

I’m on tour & I’m staying at Wim Lecluyse & Annelies Monsere’s house (which is odd since I haven’t met them in person, but it presumably means I’m in Belgium).  Their home phone rings & it’s for me.  It’s some girl who wants to know if I’ll be home to see her tonight & I’m trying to explain to her that I’m on tour & I’ll tell her I’m not sure when I’ll be home & she replies, “It’s so flattering that you’re admitting I’m your home now.”  I just tell her I’ve gotta go.  I’ve been wandering through the apartment as I’ve been talking on the phone & I’m in the kitchen & Annelies walks in & she says she wants to show me something.  She pulls a plug out of the sink & a milky white bubble starts to come up out of the drain.  She just says, “I think something’s alive down there.”

I’m on tour & I’m meeting Peter Aldrich in Asheville, so it must be 1999.  I meet him at some parking lot & he takes me out on the town & we go out on the town getting drinks & at the end of the night we can’t remember where my car is.  I probably shouldn’t be driving anyway.

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