Delusions of Adequacy, Dublab, Ear X-tacy

I got asked about writing a piece for Delusions of Adequacy today.  (Maybe buying an ad pays off?)  It’s just me writing about one of my favorite records, I’ll probably go for either a Hefner or Six by Seven record.

I wrote some bass parts potentially for either some comp requests for Remora or for the next Vlor record.  Hard to tell which yet….  I need to record them before I forget them.

Dublab asked me to make them a Silber packet for an auction thing they’re doing (they have 501-3c status (or whatever it is)).  I’ll let you know when it’s available.

I finished up sending out the Silber newsletter & the promo for the Thorn1 release (with the exception of webform-contacts, which are a headache & I guess I should start working on).

I saw this today & thought some of you might be interested.  It’s from Ear X-tacy in  Louisville.  They are one of the few dozen record stores that I really think deserve to be in business & are doing everything right.

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