Free music from Twelve, Built Mini-Comic, Nostalgia Equals Distortion, What It Is, & Thorn1

I used the time machine function over at to get a few really old blog entries to post up here.  So now the blog goes all the way back to 2002.  I might be able to find some older stuff on my one old computer if I power it up.  I must admit it’s weird on some of the old entries how positive I was that adding the then much higher profile acts of Lycia, Rollerball, & Twelve would turn Silber into an indie juggernaut.  Maybe it has in a way, as it never stops.  I guess I need to look up the definition of juggernaut.

Doing some work on the website entering in recent reviews & populating the re-worked banner.  I really should start using a real CSS sheet for the banner so I don’t have to recode the whole site every time I alter it.  Anyone want to help me figure out how to do that?

I put a new mini-comics up for sale called Built.  It’s about a robot gaining sentience & escaping.  So, you know, autobiographical.

Been thinking lately about trying to make a bunch of ebook versions of both the comics & QRD.  I don’t know if there would really be any demand/interest or not.

I was a guest panelist for What It Is discussing musicians with thirty year long careers lat week & now you can check it out online -

Thorn1 got it’s first bit of press today having been listed on The Music Slut’s daily playlist.  I did another batch of the promotion wave for it.  I theoretically finish that tomorrow & then will send out the Silber newsletter with all the info.

New post on Nostalgia Equals Distortion from Ben Szporluk where he calls U2 a post-punk band.  Which I find interesting & I bet is true to when the record came out, even if now they just seem like a pop band.

Twelve (Chris Olley) just put up their third album for free download via bandcamp.

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