Some Videos

The video for Aarktica‘s cover of Danzig’s “Am I Demon?” is up now on YouTube.  In other Aarktica news I talked to Jon a bit about working on the press kit & various stuff about the remixes & sexy stuff like that.

In Hotel Hotel news, they now have a Facebook page.  Also a ton of videos (some musical & some comedic) from there recent tour are up on YouTube.

I wrote the first draft to Just A Man #3 today.  Hopefully I’ll get the second draft done tonight & mailed off to Andrew White to draw.  I also proofed the print of Just A Man #2 & did some minor edits & now I need to lay it out for print.

I got in my test bottle opener key chains.  Over the next couple of weeks we’ll see if the ink wears off or if they are the promo item to have made.  Speaking of which I’ve been thinking about remaking the Silberspy used in the logo.  Give him a second gun & wings.  Two versions – both white/pearl skinned, one with red eyes/wings/guns & the other with the classic blue eyes/wings/guns.  So the logo would be them facing opposite ways on each side of the words “silber media.”  What do you think?

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