hope everyone is doing well

So if you go to Silber Media the Lost Kisses DVD is now available for purchase.  It includes a soundtrack by Small Life Form, so you can just leave the speakers on & turn off the TV if you want a new SLF album.

I’ve been having real writer’s block with writing the press releases for the Lost Kisses DVD & the Moodring CD & I need to have them done before I can try to get them ready for promo & distribution.  Hopefully I’ll get that stuff figured out soon.

Did some research to find some more comic book podcasts to promote to partially in research to help some buddies promote theirs.  The variance in quality & number of listeners is interesting because it seems like the two things are unrelated.  Weird.

I got the first order for a single issue of one of my comics in a while & it looks like I only break even on that as Paypal takes $0.33 & the post takes $0.44 which leaves me $0.23 for the envelope & paper & toner & staples & the little plastic bags.  Maybe I make a dime.

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