Bad News Don’t Get Me Down

I got a letter from the state that I am not getting the money to finance a Small Life Form tour in China.  Kinda sucks.  It is also worth noting that they reduced the number of people getting the $10,000 grants from 25 to 4.  Which makes it that much closer to not existing anymore.

Wrote the second drafts of both the new Just A Man & the new Lost Kisses.  Third drafts tomorrow.

Finally wrote the first portion of the Moodring press release.  Which makes me closer to ready to start promoting & selling the disc.

I had a few random sales in the past day,  I’ll have to check & see how they got to my site.

Laid out Just A Man #2 for print.  Hopefully I’ll get in the new Worms & XO around the time I finish the new Lost Kisses & can do a 4 way promo again.

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