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I knocked out a few Small Life Form tracks for the comp Ben Collins is putting together about Stan Brakhage.  One is a thing where I set up some optical theremins & played Mothlight & another is using magnets over a tape head.  So concept pieces.  Which I’m always torn about as I think concepts are often done at the cost of the music.  But when there’s a concept comp, I feel like it’s more important to hit the concept than the right notes.

I also got some work done on what may be the final song for the album I’m doing with my son Andrew.  It’s called “Cause I’m Your Dad” & I’m kinda hoping that he may come up with an equivalent song, but it’s a lot to ask.  I think it’s easier to step in as the 33 year-old dad of a 20 year-old son than it is to step in as the son in the same scenario.  To be honest, I have no idea what a son’s duties are ever supposed to be.  But I have some idea what a dad is supposed to do.

I got a little more work done on the new XO script.  Certain ideas change slightly when I realize how much space I have to tell a story.

I listened to the proof for the new Remora record from the mastering guy.  I’m pretty pleased with all but one track.  So I need to get my act together on the artwork & maybe get it out for manufacturing next week.

Jason Young asked me to draw a comic for the next Veggie Dog Saturn.  I also might write one for it (which is funny because it will be an auto-bio story about Jason, but I’ll just have made up the story).

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m hanging out with Brian McKenzie & I’m trying to play “Black Betty” (written by Leadbelly, but made famous by Ramjam) & the sound coming out is right but there is no way the sound from the guitar matches the fretting on my left hand (when I woke up I tried the chords (E open, A first fret, D third fret & E second fret, A first fret, D third fret & it sounded more dissonant than Jandek).

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