More Mini-Comics to read.

Got out all the invoices to my distros for the end of quarter, so hopefully I’ll get some more money flow coming in from that.

I converted some more of the mini-comics to digital, so here are some links for you:
Poit – WTF
Poit – La Jetee
Small Art Series I
Small Art Series II
Poit is stickfigures drawn by Dave Sim & then I wrote two scripts over the top of it.  Small Art is from the paintings I did for the art show last December.  So tomorrow I should finish getting things ready for doing my comic promo.

I got an email from Derek Sivers (the guy who started CD Baby) asking for me to send him a track to use in some new ebook thing he’s working on saying I was one of his favorite folks he’d worked with on CD Baby.  So I have to wonder if the email went out to 100,000 people or 100 people.  In my defense I have been in touch with him as a blogger since he left CD Baby, so it could be a legitimate contact.

I talked to Nick Marino & I’m done with my side of the first issue of our Deadpool mini-comic.  Well, except that we don’t have a title for the limited series or individual issue….

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