Amp, QRD, XO, Dream

So I went to this “musician’s yard sale” thing & picked up a pretty cool little analog synth called a Hohner Bass 3.  I also got an amp by Alesis called the Sumo 100 & evidently a 100-watt Alesis amp is half as loud as a 60-watt Roland amp?  Hopefully I’ll be able to sell the Alesis for what I paid for it.  So my amp replacement quest continues.

I got most of the work done for the QRD Easter Special today & it should go live Monday.

I finally finished a first draft for the new issue of XO, I still need to type it up & get it to Melissa.

I came up with a crazy idea for a concept pedal that I’m going to shoot by a couple more tech savvy friends & see if the idea will work.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m doing a live show with Tara Vanflower & I’m running so late that I didn’t get to practice & get on stage five minutes into the performance.  The show is called “Halloween Beach” & there’s all these little Barbies on surfboards & blow-up dolphins all over the stage.  I crawl into my work station as inconspicuously as I can.  I have a four-track mixer, an old keyboard, a 1980s computer, & then a bunch of little wooden dowels that control some of the toys that are up in the air.  Tara starts singing a song & I get lost in the story of a boy who goes to the beach terrified of sharks who makes friends with a dolphin & stops being afraid of the ocean.  His family goes home without him & then he gets a job at the hotel where they were staying.

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