Small Life Form show

So I got in the cheap projector today.  For reasons that are mysterious to me, I can’t get it to feedback on itself.  Maybe the resolution isn’t high enough or something.  So I guess I’m going to have to make a video of optical feedback rather than have it in real time.  Which kinda sucks & goes away from one of the things I try to do with Small Life Form, which is have everything be improvised to the moment & place where it happens.  But I do think it’s better to have some crazy visuals going than no crazy visuals going.

One of the other bands playing tonight made a video flyer/ad/whatever you  would call it.  I probably should start doing something like this.  I like that it stars kitty cats.

I did practice a little for the show.  Which basically means figuring out which piece of gear isn’t working properly.  Today it was the little four channel mixer I use (which looked like it might have had beer spilled on it at some point) & I opened it up & sprayed it with electronic cleaner.  Hopefully that’ll do it.

I need to start getting more work done, today was a bit of a bust.

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