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So the big news for the day to me is that I got in my little beer maker & started the first batch of Silbeer.  We’ll see what it’s like in a few weeks.

I went & practiced with The Pointless Forest as a duo tonight (just me & Jesse).  We’re playing that way on Wednesday opening for me doing a solo Small Life Form thing.  Kinda weird to me playing in two projects on the same bill.

For some reason Facebook & Twitter no longer seem to work together.  Meaning my Twitter feed isn’t automatically going to Facebook.  I really like the idea of only posting one place (that place being Twitter) & it going to all of my social medias.  At the same time I like the idea of people making comments on the posts & Facebook seems the place where that happens.  I’m kinda really tired of trying to manage the public barrage on the social media sites.  Maybe I should just avoid them for a few weeks.

It looks like there are going to be a couple new bands on the label in the next month.  More news on that in a few days.

Last Night’s (Tour) Dreams:
I’m on tour & I guess I’m in Arizona because I’m hanging out with Mike VanPortfleet in my hotel room after the show.  I’m telling him that I am tired of working music & no one caring & he says he understands & I should just walk away for a while.

I’m on tour & I’m with Sarah June in Los Angeles & she’s gotten us invited to some big party up in the hills after the show.  When the party is ending at 4 in the morning we’re trying to get a cab back to my car at the club & it looks like it’s going to cost $100.  $100 I don’t have.

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2 Responses to Silbeer, Small Life Form, Twitter, Dreams

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    not sure if it was deleted or i only thought i posted it here but when you update your reverbnation status, it’s cross posted to Mspace,FB & Twitter. if you enabled it to do so. Free of charge.

  2. See, I go the other way. My Twitter feed automagically goes into the Silber Site, Reverbnation, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. Reverbnation I think I have logged into about four times since I joined it who knows how long ago. But I just saw this morning the first time in just about a week that anything on Facebook was posted via a platform other than FB, so maybe things are fixed. The Twitter feed was still going into everything except Facebook, which is suspect at best.