SLF@Squidco, Ultimate Lost Kisses, Dreams

So the show last night at Squidco went really great.  I had some minor technical issues in the Small Life Form set where it seemed I was trying to drain too much juice form one outlet in an older building & things started to glitch.  I haven’t listened to the recording to see if I made it sound alright in the end or not.  But of course the music isn’t the most important part of a show.  It was a good vibe, there were about 40 people on a Wednesday night, I sold all my cupcakes, & just generally had a good time.

I just realized I haven’t put any digital comics up for you kidz to read in a while, so here’s the third place award winning Ultimate Lost Kisses #11.  I finally made the PDF of it tonight.  Which leaves me a mere 8 or so back issues away from getting digital versions of all the comics up.

Last Night’s Dreams:
A friend calls me on the phone waking me up.  She tells me that she is not going to go to church any more & she thinks the secret to transcendence lies in having sex with as many men as possible.  She asks me if I want to come over & I tell her no.

My mom is looking for her dead pets.  Is time travel involved or has she just lost a bit of her mind?

I give a friend of mine a ride home to a townhouse.  As she gets out of the car she says, “I guess I gotta go fuck a ghost.”  I don’t know what these youngsters mean when they talk.

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