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Trying to get a lot of work done before the end of the year.  Slowing me down on getting some thing done I wanted done as far as the five in five series.  Kinda frustrated about that, I’ll have to spend a week writing press releases to get things caught up & easy to do.

Almost done with the digital versions of the comics from Pittsburgh.  So I’ll get on the promo train for that soon.

Sent out a couple hundred solicitations for interviews for the next three issues of QRD.  If you know any label owners, guitarists, or cartoonists I should interview, let me know.  Also if you want to advertise, let me know.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m in a fight & I’m trying to do some kind of roundhouse kick, which is total bullshit because the two times I’ve been in fights where people tried that move I caught their foot & twisted it & they fell to the ground with fucked up knees. I connect to the guy’s head & he falls to the ground, but I feel the little bones in my instep break. I’m not sure if I won this fight.

Wandering in the house I notice a lot of things missing. Not like a robbery, but like items have been slowly & selectively removed to be pawned.

My girlfriend is driving on a highway that ends in a cit on the coast.  We’re getting to the point where the highway should be ending, but it suddenly veers up at a 45 degree angle.  It levels off at 200 feet high & just ends with a 50 feet flat level & she slams on the breaks before we fly off the edge.  She gets out of the car looking at the view & I stay in the car feeling the wind blow it side to side & making the bridge sway slightly.

I’m in a Thai restaurant that is on the second floor of an apartment building with my girlfriend, mother, & two women I don’t know.  All of the women leave while I’m waiting to pay the bill.  A robbery starts while I’m waiting & I check my wallet to see if I have enough cash to pay the bill instead of using my credit card so I can go ahead & leave, but I only have $50 & the bill is $70.  I’m not sure what to do.

My girlfriend is getting a literary award from Stacy Palmer.  It’s a ceramic life size female torso & called a Juneau.  I don’t think there’s room for it in the apartment.

I’m watching a documentary about why President Obama is trying to undermine NASA.  The great debate is if he is just following his clandestine orders or if he really thinks limiting space travel will save our planet from destruction.

I pull out a handkerchief to blow my nose & my wallet is missing.

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