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I just realized I forgot to mention it on the blog, but Star #2 (a comic I did with Kurt Dinse) is nominated for a SPACE Prize.

I got my picture up on my favorite website, Goths Up Trees.  Ends up I’m only goth as shit instead of goth as fuck.  But I take what I can get.

I got the royalties mailed out to artists on label.  Ends up I overpaid a couple people because of glitched links in my spreadsheet software.  I’d rather overpay the artists than underpay them.

I’m getting close to done on finishing up the ebook from my Pittsburgh residency.  At least close to the point of having some folks proof read it for me.  So once that’s done I’ll start thinking about my next serious Kickstarter projects.  We’ll see what happens.

I talked to Ted Johnson a bit & he gave me some tips on getting my little Kaos Pad I bought a couple weeks ago to actually do some of the things I want it to do.  The high in pitch sounds on it sound a little too cartoony/sci-fi for me, but some of the low in pitch stuff is pretty great sounding.

Here’s a conversation between two of my favorite music marketing gurus (Chris Rockett & Ariel Hyatt) that I think at least some of you might find interesting.  It is an interesting thing that it seems a lot of us spend 50% of our internet marketing time on Facebook while it only generates around 2% of the average musician’s income.

Last Night’s Dreams:
There’s a man with three arms.  Both of his right arms are fully formed & fully functional & under control.  I wonder how using the second arm effects his brain functionality.

She’s pregnant & the baby inside her can communicate with her telepathically.  She’s trying to avoid doctors so that people won’t know her child is special.  Somehow the powers that be have discovered the child & want to kill it in the womb.  She’s running in the forest & the sun is about to set with the wind starting to pick up pulling the heat off of her body.  She hides in some exposed roots in the bank of a dry stream bed.  Maybe she can stay warm enough to live through the night.

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