Slow Progress

I’ve just been trying to get things done the past couple of days & it’s sometimes hard to see the progress.

Still working on encoding the albums for the digital shop.  Loaded a bunch more of the high bit MP3s into my machine, but I still need to make the artwork & all that.

Got a third draft of “Vigilant” done & laid & mailed to Pat Kain, but I’m thinking about re-working the whole script.  Right now it’s about a lone wolf style vigilante which has been pretty adequately explored in a lot of things & I’m thinking of making it about a teenage gang of vigilantes instead.  Note that this is more like Death Wish than Kick Ass.

Got a bunch of emails out for the second wave of digital promo for Carta & Sarah June.  One more wave to do for that.

Got the artwork for the Marked portion of the mini-comic sampler & laid it out.  So that should be ready to be printed up & I can start sending out a bunch of promo things.  Anyone interested in helping distribute some of the sampler books let me know.

Got an email from Ning that it will now be a paid service, so goodbye failed Silber Ning.

Assembled the list of MySpace folks to contact about the Small Life Form show in Raleigh next week.

Got a preview copy of Hemo.  No chance to watch it yet.  Still pretty excited about it.  Talked to Bob Freville (Hemo’s director) about possibly doing some more music work with him for his next project.

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