I need a break.

So I got some more digital releases done in the past couple days.  Not much else.  I think it’s getting to the point where I’ll have all of the ones done that I’m going to have the real art files for.  So the rest I’ll have to do scans of eventually & they’ll be slightly inferior quality.

I am worn out tired lately, maybe it’s the heat.

I talked to Nic Slaton about the slicnaton release he’s going to do for Silber.  I can tell he’s spent too much time with me because he’s doing an album based around, “what would make a good press release?”  Which is pretty much the only time I bother to work on my own albums lately.

Talked to Ben Collins a bit about the next top secret Silber compilation.  Running into some technical issues that need to be tested before we can make things work.

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