Slow Steady Building

I only got one digital release prepped today, but as long as I keep pecking away at it I will eventually finish.

I caught up (I think) on the forty or so MySpace messages I hadn’t yet read.  So that’s something.

Wrote half the script for my new robot comic “Built.”  It’s funny how I have an affinity for characters that essentially are robots (like XO or Marked) trying to become normal people & now I’m working on one literally about a robot.  I think it says something about me, but I’m not sure exactly what….

Wrote the second draft for the new mini-comic “Vigilant” & sent it to PB Kain (potential artist) for critique before final draft & layout.

Assembled some mini-comics today.  I still have a ton I need to assemble before I can do the next promo mailing.

I’ve been having some issues with my webserver saying my email is over quota.  I think they only reset their 1000 message limit Monday thru Friday, which seems a little retarded to me.

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