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Well, I’ve spent the majority of the last couple of days proofing the interviews for the indie/mini comics issue of QRD.  Reading other people’s answer I feel a bit better about the issue than when I just answered the questions myself.  Over 20 interviews with a few more possibly trickling in.  It’ll go up next Monday.  It’s interesting to see how productive some people are & makes me feel really behind on my comic output.

Speaking of comics.  I made the digital versions of all my minis that can easily be done as such.  The first three issues of Lost Kisses don’t have original layouts anymore, just the versions for printing & would take a while to convert.  So I’ll get to those when I get to them.  I’d rather spend that time working on some of the other comic projects I’m behind on (which are quite a few) trying to get them ready in time for SPACE.

I saw that new show Bar Karma on Current.  Basically it’s Friday the 13th the Series or whatever else all over again.  So it’s better than some things & worse than others.  Feels like it’s a show that would be better if I dropped in on an individual episode in the second season instead of seeing the first episode.

I read this article that confuses me a bit about YouTube & it’s effect on music.  I don’t understand how people get 100,000 views & 10,000 subscribers & then act like it’s a natural occurrence.  I think there’s a secret to being a successful YouTuber (or blogger or whatever) where it almost works that if you are a successful YouTuber, maybe you should try your hand at music more so than if you are a musician YouTube can save you in this floundering industry.

Speaking of YouTube, here’s Sarah June’s new single/video which is more or less a rap song.

Azalia Snail wrote a New Zealand tour diary for Silber that I need to post up soon.  Just need to get it formatted & such.  It’s on my short list of things I need to do.  So maybe tomorrow?

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m Burt Lancaster.  I’ve robbed a bank (or possibly a jewelry store) with my girlfriend & we’re holed up at an old farmhouse with the cops surrounding us.  I’ve got a pistol with only one bullet left in it.  I tell my girl that it has two bullets in it, one for her & one for me & I’ll go first.  This way I can take the fall for everything & she’ll be able to go on to a better life.  I put the gun in my mouth & pull the trigger.

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2 Responses to QRD, Lost Kisses, Bar Karma, YouTube, Sarah June, Azalia Snail, Dreams

  1. GoddakkATTACK says:

    i think the secret is to have videos people want to see/share.

    also having people you let know about the video that will also not just chuckle and leave it at that but will actually be the type to be like “duuuuude check this out” helps.

    • Yeah, I need to get some a new kitty cat to feature in all the new Silber videos. I’m going to have him sitting on a turntable as it spins around. Or dress him up in clothes. Or both. Maybe give him a harmonica to hang around his neck like Bob Dylan. The possibilities are endless.

      Alternatively I should cover 1980s post-apocalyptic cartoon theme songs because they are identical to Remora lyrically. But in order to do that I’d probably need to learn to play a song with more than two notes while singing at the same time….