Silber Newsletter – October 2012


I hope all is going well.  Turning into fall here & winter before you know it & then I guess we all get to see if the world really comes to an end on December 21, 2012.

So a while ago I started making puzzle boxes as you may know.  Anyway, there’s four new designs up on the website.  They take me a while to make, so if you want some to give out for Christmas time, please order them within the next week or so.  I figured out a better method for staining them than what I was initially using & I think the results on the newest boxes are a bit better than the original batches.  So I’m pretty happy with them these days.  Check them out if you get a chance.

I think I had the best Small Life Form show I’ve had in years the other day.  Here it is on YouTube if you are interested in checking it out.  Small Life Form – October 919 Noise Showcase

There’s a new album out now by Plumerai called Mondegreen.  It reminds me of some of the bands that went on to be called goth &/or shoegaze, but were really just doing their own things in the 1980s.  You can stream the whole thing at the link above.

We also have the new EP Vultures by Irata available.  They’re back to sludge it out & this time they’ve replaced the horns with vocals.  Irata will be touring up & down the east coast in November, you can check out their tour schedule here.

A few weeks ago I did a Remora album recorded in 24 hours for the Greek label Somehow Ecstatic.  I might eventually do a little remixing of it, but I’m really excited & exhilarated by what I could accomplish in hust one day.  You can listen to a stream or buy it at this link.

The big news for Silber coming up is a string of EPs we’re going to be releasing over the next couple of months.  It’s a challenge series of five songs completed in five minutes.  We’re planning on putting up a new one each week, so check back often.  It’s starting out with Remora’s I Came To Party for the first week of November (though it’s already live now).  All the releases will be free to stream or $1 to download.

The big news for me personally is I got a residency in Pittsburgh to work on my comics for the month of November.  It’s a pretty great opportunity to try to get better at my craft.  Of course it doesn’t pay all the expenses for travel & food & art supplies, so I’m running a Kickstarter to pre-sell some of the work I’ll be doing when I’m up there.  Spread the word on it if you can.

I don’t know if you’re a fan of Silber on Facebook or not, but lately we have a contest each month to guess the most popular download & if you guess it right, you get a free download of any album in our catalog.  So just keep an eye out at the beginning of each month for your opportunity to win.

So that’s it for the month of October, but hopefully it’s enough.  There should be more news come November (new QRD, new comics, & more music).  It’s 18 years now since everything started with the first issue of QRD & I never could have made it through without your interest & support & as always just let me know if you want off this list or to change the email you get it sent to.

Brian John Mitchell
Silber Records

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