Irata & Dreams

I got the press release done for Irata & the new EP is available to purchase.

Sent out the newsletter (if you didn’t get it, put your email in on the right).  I’ll get it posted up in the blog & on the website in the next couple of days.  A lot going on trying to get ready for this trip.  We’ll see how things end up.

So I don’t know how many of you have heard about it, but there’s a big thing with the dude from The Church saying that they were getting screwed by this indie label they were on because the label made $40,000 & they got paid $800 in royalties.  Based on my experience in the record industry I tend to think both numbers are right.  The label financed a new album, repressing of a bunch of old albums, paid off old labels to be able to license the back catalog, paid to fly the band from Australia to the US, & paid to have a real video made.  I think that’s a really suave move for an indie label to get all that done for around $40,000.  But I also understand that all the band sees is actually total numbers.  They want to believe that the guy is totally screwing them, because it’s easier to believe than the alternative that they can no longer work on music in the way they are used to.  There’s all these threats of an independent audit, which I think should be done.  Just because it should be apparent what’s going on.  It’s sad to me because I’ve had a handful of conversations with the label owner & I know that he only wanted to work with The Church because he’s a huge fan.  I’m sure he’s as depressed as I am that royalty checks are getting smaller each quarter, especially with a band he loves & admires.  Maybe music fans should never start labels because they’ll get jaded.  I know it happened to me.

Last Night’s Dreams:
It’s 4pm.  I go into my grandmother’s room & she tells me she’s ready to change into her pajamas & go home & watch tv.

I’m fighting some girl with super powers that only allow her to control white things so she has a bucket of white paint she’s slopping around.  In the middle of the fight she asks me to hold on a second & she calls somebody up & leaves a message that her meiospore powers seem to be a little weaker than she expected.  A few minutes later the phone rings I can here the dude at the help desk on the line telling her that meiospore powers are only temporary.

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2 Responses to Irata & Dreams

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    music fans shouldn’t play music. everyone i know that does this winds up not liking/listening to music by their 30′s.