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So I’ve been working on a bunch of stuff the last couple of days.  I got the promo emails out about the new releases, I stained some puzzle boxes, I made some bottle comics & set them free, I’ve been trying to book some events while in Pittsburgh, & I’ve been spending time hanging out with people since I’m leaving Raleigh for a month.  It’s going to be pretty crazy getting my car packed up for the move up to Pittsburgh over the next couple of days.

Last Night’s Dreams:
There’s a Plumerai show (or maybe a burMonter show since I seem to be in the band) & Martin is the singer, but he has a pedal which makes him sound like a girl singer in a way that sounds true instead of gimmicky.  It’s a college campus show & we’re playing at a cafeteria type space.  We’re opening for Melt Banana & I notice as we’re pulling our equipment off stage that instead of putting equipment on, Agata & the rest of Melt Banana are taking their equipment out to the van.  The show is cancelled.

I’m hanging out with Peter Aldrich & he’s gone back to university & is living in a dorm room.  The idea of being the fourth guy drunken & passing out in a dorm room with three beds doesn’t seem super appealing.

I wake up & I’m staying at Andrew Weather’s parents’ house.  All the young rockers are still asleep & when I wander out of the living room where we are all crashed out his parents are having a brunch party & ask me to sit down.  They pour me some red wine into a red tinted glass & the alcohol makes me feel at home.  I compliment Andrew’s mother on how well she did raising my son & she immediately changes the subject asking if I heard that Tracy Gold of Growing Pains is a writer on the new season of Breaking Bad.

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    this pedal could cure me of headaches.