Silber in June, Dreams

Okay, so here are some numbers from looking at my webstats in June.  Thought some of you might find it interesting since I do.

Top ten downloads for June in our free for fans series:
1. mwvm – had yr pash
2. Plumerai – Marco Polo
3. Promute – Drone of the Norns
4. Brian John Mitchell & Andrew Weathers – Drone is in the Blood
5. Electric Bird Noise – Live at The Basement
6. Rllrbll – Murwa Mbwa
7. Sarah June – Beneathe Black Robes
8. 30 Seconds of Time Compilation
9. Magi – December
10 From Oceans to Autumn – The Flood/The Fall

Top Five Most Read About Silber Releases in June:
1. Brian John Mitchell & Andrew Weathers – Drone is in the Blood
2. Electric Bird Noise – Live at The Basement
3. Northern Valentine – Fin De Siecle
4. Remora – Scars Bring Hope
5. Plumerai – Marco Polo

Top Five Most Read Silber Digital Comics in June
1. XO #6
2. REH #1
3. Mecha #1
4. Lost Kisses #4
5. Built #1

Last Night’s Dreams:
It’s sometime after the apocalypse & I’m living in a community in a hotel.  I want to leave, but they won’t let anyone leave for fear they would return with a militia.  Two others have a plan for escape that I want to go along with.  At 2:35am we are escaping through the emergency exit.  The door to the exit is only six inches wide & I start to freak out & become claustrophobic with my left arm & leg through & I’m whispering a scream of “Help me!  Pull me through!” but I think they’re too far away to hear me.

I’m hanging out with Jamie Barnes in a convention center.  For the first time he looks like a man to me instead of an adolescent.

I’m on tour & I wake up still drunk.  I go to the kitchen to get some water & half the kitchen is taken up by a ten foot cube hamster maze.

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